Digital marketing is no longer about just selling the product but what it means to ‘wear’ or to ‘have’ the product from the consumers. What value does your service bring people? When a young girl owns a Kylie cosmetic, it gives them the feeling of being beautiful and perhaps makes them feel that they have the same lifestyle as Kylie herself.

Your customers want to feel what your brand has to offer. Best yet they want to feel better about themselves by wearing and using your products or services. So the question here is – How can we create a brand using digital marketing techniques which produces similar effects without even having to promote the product itself? First of all the product must be of quality value.

Secondly, the product must earn the authentic feel to it by attaching a story about it, discussing it on social media, send it to micro influencers who are having a genuine connection to their followers. You want to choose influencers carefully as it will reflect who will be your customers. Don’t go for vast and famous influencers but aim at local people with authentic voices that can influence their followers in the most grassroots way.
To begin this movement in promoting your ‘brand,’ you want to revamp your product first by giving it a personality and by using the right words, the correct images, the right color tone, and overall adding quality and authentic feel to it.

Additionally, the process of reinventing your brand is to create the message that it “means” something to use and to own your product. The campaign to reinvent your brand should be done in a way that is full of personality and not salesy or dull. Brand stories should be told with excitement and truth.
Another way to use digital marketing to enhance your brand and a chance to speak your truth is to use email campaigns. Write emails to your subscribers and give out testimonials and stories that touch the hearts of your readers. You would also use emails to educate your readers on how best use your products, and you would do it in a way that genuine and helpful. No sales gimmick included in each of your email campaigns.

At NOVA Advertising we aim to use digital marketing via many different methods which aim at promoting your brand and your products in the best light.