Pros & Cons of Hiring Freelancers

We all know that Google loves organic content, especially content that generates engagement and sparks site traffic! However, depending on the company you’re running and if you have the resources to compose blog content, it can be a time consuming task. So this begs the question, should you hire freelancers or blog writing services to take care of the blogging efforts? The truth is, either can be done and will be helpful to your SEO, but here are the pros and cons of each.



When you hire a freelancer from home, it can help avoid overhead costs as they offer more affordable rates and cover their own health care. Freelancers are also cost effective because you’re paying them exactly for what they are hired to do in comparison to a part-time/full-time employee with any downtime.


Freelancers have the time to usually accommodate the schedule of those who hire them. And due to this flexibility of freelancers and that they can set their own hours, it makes them able to manage their time more accordingly.

This allows convenience on both the freelancer’s end and the employer’s. Plenty of a project’s terms and conditions can be outlined prior and during a freelance gig because there is much more time to work with.

Time to Get More Done

Because freelancers can set their own hours, they have the ability to get more projects done. They can manage their time according to the activities they have involved during the day so this makes tasks guaranteed complete.

There’s usually less to worry about when it comes to the possibility of “calling out” as freelancers already have the luxury of working from home. The fact that they do not have to trek to an office or commute, makes getting other commitments completed in a timely fashion and at a convenience.


One of the other nice things about freelancers is that they usually have specialties. This makes the service you’re hiring them to do more satisfactory as what you’re paying for will be professional quality. Because what you’re hiring them for is typically their niche, you can almost certainly expect a job well done!


Uncertainty of Consistent Hiring

With freelancers, since they have no other ties than the job you’re hiring them to do, they can disappear from the radar. Sometimes this can even have the potential of happening during the time of when a project needs completion. Before you know it, deadlines are being missed and you’re not getting any responses when you ask why they’re MIA.

Though freelancers can be replaced as quick as they were hired, it still can be an inconvenience. Especially if you’re already three quarters of the way having a project finished and need to find someone who is able to finish the job.

Taking an Initial Risk

On top of researching the basics when it comes to hiring a freelancer, you truly don’t know what you will get until you go full force with bringing them on board. This sometimes involves taking a leap of faith with their quality of work. Usually if you look on reputable sites that host where to find credible freelancers, this can ensure that you won’t hire someone who may plagiarize or forge work.

You’re also facing a hiring process through the anonymity of the internet. There are scams and frauds everywhere, so you have to be careful that you look in the right places. Be sure to ask for examples and samples of the freelancer’s work so they can prove their credibility. Also be sure to ask for references.

If you ultimately decide that you want to go through the freelancing process, be sure to cover all your bases! Explore all prospects and decide if it’s worth any potential shortcomings. As long as the proper research and risks are known, it can be an effective route to pursue for you and your business.