marketing during coronavirus

The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, the illness caused by coronavirus, shook businesses big and small. Prioritizing citizen health and slowing infection rates, governments across the globe are issuing restrictions on travel and in-person gatherings. As economies and businesses adjust to a new reality, some businesses are experiencing more demand than ever while others are finding creative ways to reach customers virtually. Some businesses have been forced to stop providing services completely.

Providing services or selling products has become increasingly difficult or impossible for small business owners. Your privately-owned company may provide services like clothing consignment, residential housekeeping, construction, or something different. Regardless of the type of product or service your company offers, you will likely experience a loss of business in the coming months.

A business owner in this situation may think to pull back marketing strategies or end them entirely. However, doing so may set your company back, creating a longer and more difficult recovery.

What can you do to help your small business through the COVID-19 pandemic? How can small business owners combat social distancing requirements and other measures ordered by governments around the globe? Try using the following digital marketing strategies to help your business during the coronavirus crisis.

1. Your Website

Your website is your business’s home base on the internet. Tell your customers, in detail, how your business is adjusting to coronavirus. Each company will make different changes based on the type of business you own. As an example, if you are a family-owned restaurant, you may change hours, open a pick-up window, or ask customers to call ahead to order.

Keep your blog current with the information your customers need to know. Changes to how you meet with clients should be communicated there as well. Also include plans for ways to continue serving your customers with minimal impact on them.

Some industries need to actively reach out to customers by email and on social media, particularly any directly affected by the coronavirus crisis.

2. Marketing on Social Media

As people across the globe stay home, we are online more than ever before. From grade school curriculums to adults working from home to everyone staying in touch digitally, people are devouring social media. This makes this a great time to take advantage of increased visibility and reach, more active engagement, and more exposure on social platforms. Your brand should be visible to your target audience where they are spending their time: social media.

Social media is a great way to communicate updates to your customers. If you have to change your operations or halt a service, update them through your social media accounts. For example, a dental practice won’t be able take any appointments in the next few weeks, but they can keep their Facebook page active with dental hygiene tips, effective home remedies, and genuine concern for the community.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Thinking about your business, do your customers find you by searching for the product or service you provide on Google? If you answered yes, make sure you are using SEO tactics for 2020 to put your website in the top rankings of search engine results. Some business owners already use this process and understand that it can take time to increase your rankings. That is, unless your competitors stop their efforts! Many of our clients are finding that their competitors are dialing down their SEO efforts. This means our clients are jumping ahead in SEO rankings faster than usual. That makes prioritizing SEO valuable right now.

4. Email Marketing

Every good business owner continually learns about their existing customers and never stops building relationships with new customers. Regardless of whether your business interfaces with other businesses or directly with consumers, connect with your audience with email marketing. Existing leads can be nurtured for B2B businesses with email newsletters. For businesses that use eCommerce or are B2C, remember that consumers look to brands they trust. Brand-customer loyalty is crucial in establishing longevity in your business that outlasts the coronavirus crisis. Use email marketing to communicate how your business is changing to adapt to state and federal health guidelines and restrictions related to coronavirus. Make sure your customers know that your services and products will still be provided.

5. Social and Google Advertising

In uncertain times like these, when business is slowing down, many business owners shrink their efforts to advertise their services, thinking it is pointless to advertise when customers are not actively buying products and services. This is the wrong thought. Remember that some consumers are still shopping, continuing life as it was before the pandemic. For those customers, you need your business to stay front and center. Make sure that even consumers that cannot buy your products and services today will turn to you, not your competitors when things return to normal. Now is a great time to let your customers get familiar with you, your business, and your brand through advertising on Google and social media.

6. Google Listings

Keep your Google My Business up to date with any changes in hours or if you have temporarily closed. People searching for your business want to know if they can come into your shop or how to get in touch.

Google My Business is also great marketing for restaurants that have moved to take-out or delivery only since consumers are looking up reviews, menus, and hours online. Keep this piece of business marketing up to date.

Future Planning Post COVID-19

Successful business owners think about the future and plan for the long-term. Considering that you want your business to sustain or potentially grow during the pandemic, do not lose sight of your advertising goals. Your business may lose ground on your marketing strategy or you could come out ahead of your competitors. The difference may come down to not following through on your marketing strategies and being deterred by the coronavirus.

Right now is the perfect time to continue your marketing efforts. You may adjust your strategy for the next few months, but do not let up on continuing to get your business in front of your customers.

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