The 4 Best Ways to Build Backlinks

As you create and publish your brand new website, you’re also facing the uphill battle of having it recognized, shared, and well ranked. This can be a struggle for new and upcoming businesses who are solely relying on their brand to get the job done, however, this is merely just the tip of the iceberg.

Sure, your business is already established, but not your online presence! In this event, it’s time to get on board with linkbuilding! This is the catapult you’ll need to get your business ranked up at the top!

However, what are the BEST linkbuilding strategies you should be executing over the useless ones that waste both your time and money? This is where this nifty blog comes into play! We will help breakdown the most conducive linkbuilding methods to get your business and new website off the ground!

  1. Giving back to the online community

Coming into the game as an unknown quantity is the hardest part of getting your brand noticed. Despite the amount you have to offer, it won’t matter if no one knows who you are. Here are some options you should consider to let others know you mean business-literally and figuratively!

Option 1: Notify your web team to have them create a niche oriented gallery of images

The goal is to give those who you’re reaching out to, an incentive to work with you in linkbuilding terms. This is why reaching out to bloggers who can freely use your images can prompt an immediate relationship and leave them more than willing to link back to your website. And what does this ultimately mean? A gateway to more traffic and viewers coming to your site!

Think of this as an investment, a few hundred dollars upfront can lead to several backlinks for the future. Also, remember to create multi purpose images around the niche that you’re targeting.

For example, if you were in the beauty salon industry, you would create images focused on:

  • People getting their hair done
  • Nail polish
  • Make up
  • Make up brushes

Option 2: Build a tool

In addition to links, you can also facilitate a lot of online traffic yourself! Creating a tool that can serve your entire community, which can be beneficial towards achieving backlinks, is another option to consider.

However, a disadvantage to a tool is finding the time to code and build it. Creating a tool will also come with the necessity of promoting and publicizing it. This will include mentions on social media outlets and popular online forums.

Option 3: Traditional research

Classic, but only because it still works! Doing your own research rather than relying on others to simply link back to is an opportunity for you to explore a hot topic and have someone link to you instead!

  1. Keep Your Competition Closer!

The best advantage you can have over your competition is to study their moves! Sometimes it’s as simple as doing a little research on finding out where they’ve obtained a backlink that you could also receive and replicate

This process is fairly easy and with the help of sites like Ahrefs and Majestic, you can easily discover your competition’s backlinks.

First, research your niche such as “best (niche) blogs” if you don’t have a good idea of who exactly is your close competition already.

Once you obtain your competition’s URLs, place them in, for example if you will be using Ahref, the “Site Explorer” field. A list of their inbound links will appear.

If you want to see the full list, you will have to upgrade your account to premium.

You’ll have to do a bit of digging in order to see where the link is placed. Once you do, you can try to replicate the link. This is where you’ll have to craft an eye-catching guest-post pitch so it will stand out and eventually lead to your article being featured!

  1. Certain Forums Can Provide Some Backlink Value

This doesn’t merit the act of spamming your links across various forum boards, but rather a chance to establish a rapport with other users and engage for the chance to be able to point back to your site.

Providing relevant content as a preface or supplement to a link that you’re sharing is important as it could lead to further traffic to your site. No one cares about a link that’s out in the cold with nothing around it to explain its presence. Giving your audience a dose of what you’re offering is important for them to potentially follow through and discover what your link is.

When you go ahead and follow through with the aforementioned, you’re strengthening your chances of being legitimate, not just appearing to be!

It’s also recommended to take time and nurse the relationships you establish with users and your potential target audience so you can inevitably be granted the opportunity to share your link. Timing and patience is everything!

Think of this option as a good starter to helping your site rise. It certainly isn’t a fix all from an SEO standpoint, but it certainly paves the way!

  1. Reach Out!

We’ve already emphasized the struggle with taking off in your site ranking conquest, but one more piece of advice we can offer is guest posting!

Composing an interesting pitch to a blog that ranks well and deals with the niche that you’re going for is essentially all that’s needed to potentially score a backlink to your new site.

Another piece of important information to keep in mind is where you’re starting. Yes, you can go big and bold and reach out to the top dogs, but gain some speed before you take off flying! Reach out to smaller sites that can build you up a little first.

Impress them and publicize your post as much as possible so they won’t have any other choice, but to feature you. Once you establish these smaller sites as references, you can reach for the stars with the bigger guys!

Linkbuilding is hard, but it’s not impossible! Be persistent and as long as you follow guidelines, the backlinks will follow.