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Do you ever really pay that much attention to your landing page’s format? Are you following any methodical layout in order to optimize and brand your services? Chances are you’re abiding by some sort of template and think, “That should do it!



A good SEO company will optimize your basic pages, but a great SEO company will provide the additional custom landing pages and tailor them to your audience’s preferences. With these efforts, your chances of conversions are ultimately maximized.

So this begs the question, what makes for the perfect landing page? What is my viewer needing to see and wanting to look for?

Here are 5 strategies that can help you generate effective landing pages for your users.

  1. K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid)

There’s a lot of truth that goes into this little acronym or even the saying, “less is more.” This tip is an essential towards marketing basics. According to ConversionXL’s article, “Why ‘Simple’ Websites Are Scientifically Better,” it pinpoints the ever fleeting attention span of an average website viewer. Cognitively, humans want consolidated and simplistic content so they can move along with their day.

Filling every empty space that you may have on your website with flashy carousel galleries or sliders can actually detract from your intent which is to drive sales!

Try to also not overload your page with multiple offers or promotions. Spamming your site with discount after discount can scare your visitors away!

Take for example TinderSocial’s layout:

tinder outlook

This is probably as simple as you can get.. Any background noise there is, is out of focus so you can only fixate on the call-to-action (which is to download). You are taking in all messages this site has to deliver just within seconds.

You have the option of either watching a video which is most likely a visual tutorial explaining the site’s purpose in a nutshell or to just download the app!

See? That wasn’t so hard! No cognitive overload here!

2) You Only Have 5 Seconds to Make an Impression

Let’s go back to the ever-fleeting goldfish attention span of us humans. We want it and we want it now! Your landing pages are no exception. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to hook and reel your audience in in just five seconds.

This method helps to ensure that your engagement happens instantaneously and that you haven’t deviated from the objective of having your viewer show up in the first place.

Just a simple CTA tactic such as an eye-catching headline is all that’s required to secure satisfied viewers.

Try to follow this formula for composing good headlines: “Number + Adjective + Keyword + Rationale + Promise = A good headline! Several successful blog posts or landing page headlines are led by questions or numbers followed by the specific topic at hand. For example: “10 Ways You Can Increase Your Annual Salary.”

This is an alluring headline and one that I think would strike an interest with most people.

“How-to” and “Why this” articles are also a great way to pave the way towards ideal content in addition to starting brush fires of online engagement.

3) Loading Speed

This is probably the pinnacle of when or if your viewers see what you have to say. All effort that has been put into your site’s design, aesthetics and content relies on your website’s loading speed.

In addition to your 5 second impression, your page’s loading speed makes or breaks a visitor’s stay. If your page is loading too slow, your viewer is on to the next one.

A great way to check in on your site’s loading score is to plug it into Google’s PageSpeed Insights

page speed insights

4) Implement “White Space”

Continuing to stick with our end goal here of not confusing our viewers, making use of white space in between bodies of text is aesthetically and cognitively ideal. Readers can process more content this way and adapt easily to a user friendly site.

I mean, just look at how simple Google’s layout is! You can’t get more white space simplistic than that for one of the world’s top leading search engines!

white space

Apple is also a good example of how much they rely on a simplistic appearance to market their products.

more white space

The strategy of implementing  white space works by ensuring that your viewer is not becoming inundated with too much information and the message gets across clearly.

So it’s time…to get on the white space bandwagon!

5) Contact Information at the Ready!

So, you’ve achieved all of the aforementioned steps and now you have a nearly converted customer! Your conversion is almost there, but always working with the little time that you have, you need to make your contact information readily available.

Remember, the less work a user has to do, the better. Also, the fact that your contact information is obvious and at the ready, assuages the concerns of a skeptical viewer.  In addition to a phone number, also place your business location’s address next to it. This shows that you are in fact a legitimate business interested in the consumer!

Take a look at the website below:

contact info

Here their business location is in sight in addition to their phone number front and center. This helps establish a legitimate reputation for the business.

So there you have it! The top five landing page practices that you should consider putting into your SEO practices!

Do you have any additional steps that you take to make a good landing page? If so, what are they? Sharing is caring!