conversion optimization

online reputation management Businesses put websites online to provide their services to you through a more efficient and available platform. Consumers are constantly searching the web for their needs and wants, and ensuring that your business is online today is essential. A business needs to convert searchers to customers, and that is why a businesses conversion rate is so important to understand, measure, and constantly strive to improve.

What is Conversion Rate?

A conversion for a business would be a measurable objective that the business wants for visitors to the site to complete. Many different things could count as a conversion for a business, some examples include:

  • Purchasing an item
  • Engaging in online chat
  • Submitting a form
  • Creating an account
  • Subscribing

The conversion rate shows the percentage of people who visit your site that actually end up completing the objective set by the business. This can help businesses understand how well they are performing online, and can help to improve the way you handle your business online in order to get that conversion rate as high as possible.


How to Measure Your Conversion Rate

The percentage of visitors to your site who complete the objective set by the business is your conversion rate. If your computer business has 100 website visitors, and 50 people buy computers, then your conversion rate is 50%. This simple calculation gets much larger when taking into account how many people generally look at certain websites in a given day, and over long periods of time. It’s one of the most useful metrics for evaluation of the performance of digital marketing efforts undertaken by a business.

Your conversion rate measurement is important because it can identify key factors that are leading to the numbers you have. Through an analytics platform, it can help you identify certain keywords that are leading to more conversions, or certain pages that lead to more conversions. It can even help identify if your ads through certain platforms are leading to the most amount of conversions. With this data, you can implement more of the positive, and get rid of the negative. This can lead to higher conversion and can result in higher profits.

There are many tools available in the market that can effectively track, measure, and report conversions. These tools include but not limited to call tracking, and online form submissions tracking softwares. Ultimately it’s up to the organization to create an effective plan to continuously track new client sources and utilize the tools available to them to make it easy and accurate.

How to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Improving the amount of conversions you get online is always a goal that should be kept in mind, and your methods should constantly be improved on. Different examples of ways to improve your conversion rate are:

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Optimizing content for your audience
  • Engagement testing
  • Search testing
  • Landing page design

These methods only scratch the surface of what can be done to improve your conversion rate. While they may seem like difficult projects to undertake alone, entrusting the improvement of your performance online to digital marketing professionals will surely help to grow your conversions. Our experienced team at Nova Advertising has years of experience in understanding, analyzing, and implementing initiatives to improve our clients’ conversion rates. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.