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Getting exposure with search engines and audiences isn’t easy when you don’t have the right tools. You need to use an informed approach to achieve the best results when seeking such exposure levels. However, choosing the right tools to get you started isn’t easy. Fortunately, this guide looks at some of the best suggestions to try.


Ubersuggest ranks up high among some of the best tools you can use to gain exposure with search engines and audiences. The tool is available with a free and paid version, making it convenient for first-time users. Created by Neil Patel, this software service provides various types of website traffic and data.

The tool is simple to use and features an easy interface for beginners to use. If you have never performed keyword research before, this tool can make things highly convenient. The traffic analyzer feature gives you lots of insight into the traffic of various other websites.

It also gives you insight into the specific keywords and data related to your operations’ nature. The tool features a simple-to-use interface, where you can search for keywords or data about a particular website.

Many website owners also appreciate the “Traffic Overview” function, which gives a thorough insight into a website’s traffic. Users can also access details such as the number of backlinks the website has received over time.

While there is a free version of Neil Patel’s tool, it also comes with various unique limitations. Fortunately, the paid version of the application is also affordable and starts at $29. 


Serpstat is another helpful tool that you can use to perform SEO functions. The origins of this tool are also interesting because the creators started it as keyword research software. However, its functions have evolved over the years and include various unique functions nowadays.

While Serptat provides various helpful insists, it’s also easy to use for the average user. The tool provides unique functions such as site audits, tracking functions, and backlink reports. You will have all the helpful information you can expect to help make your web exposure convenient.

You can also access the number of people that visit the site each month and the number of unique visitors they get. Similar to other previous tools in this list, there is a paid and free version of Serpstat. The paid version is available for $69.


Ahrefs is also an industry-leading SEO tool that various big brands use for web exposure and optimization functions. The tool provides insight into the various forms of helpful data about a website or web exposure functions.

The site has crawled billions of websites and has a huge list of unique web exposure traffic data to users. The common functions the tool can serve include keyword research and website analysis or reports.

The creators of this SEO tool have also done well to ensure that it’s easy to use for the average website owner. All functions have excellent labeling, and you can have lots of web exposure and traffic within a few minutes of using the tool.

Ahrefs is also available with a $7 plan and then moves on to $99 each month. While this amount seems costly to the average user, it’s an excellent resource to use if you are just getting started. The SEO tool is easy to use, and many large digital data brands rely on it for day-to-day functions.


If you want better insight into web traffic data, remember to try out Monsterinsights. It’s an excellent alternative for when you want to learn more about other websites and online traffic data. The tool is also easy to use and is available with various affordable marketing plans.

With this tool, you can perform various functions that can help increase your web exposure with search engines and audiences. You can use it to access data such as homepage traffic, content on posts, and the best-performing pages on your site.

Monster insights also let you access various data types about other competing sites.

The information you can acquire from each search process is concise and gives a detailed approach to ensure the best results. You can also visit the site to access information on using the tool and make your web presence better.

As you have noticed, there is more to creating a solid web presence than the average person expects. While it’s a time-taking process, it’s when you have access to the correct tools and information. Fortunately, we have looked at some top tool suggestions you should consider with this guide.

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You are sure of various benefits when using this tool, such as an excellent user experience. The software is easy to use and provides high-quality insight into the digital marketing campaign that your business should use.

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