Social streaming is the hot, new marketing implementation and is usually the kickstarter when it comes to generating buzz. However, with rampant technological and digital advancement, what does a marketing team have to consider as far as its resources? Will the return investment be worth trying a brand new development in product?

This is when educating yourself as well as your team on the matter becomes necessary. It helps to narrow down which live streaming apps are worth using as well as researching their success rates so you can rely on it for your marketing strategy.

Read some of the newest social media trends in live streaming videos.

Live Social Streaming Apps and Their Growth

Such applications that allow a user to broadcast live video feed to other members of their network are Meerkat and Periscope. With constant smartphone utilization that connect with others based out of convenience, these applications contribute towards doing exactly that. However, the things to consider are which applications’ features adapt to your devices best and can stream highest in quality. You must consider what will work best within your organization.

Live streaming videos have become more and more popular due to their versatility. Social streaming can be used from a simple webinar to a major television production. An example of such social streams can be when Google launched their Hangouts, This served anyone who was either part of an organization or just an individual catching up on his or her personal life. Though this became a phenomenon for a while, the popularity waned, shouldn’t the same occur with mobile sharing?

What to Consider: 

A Novelty

Applications such as Meerkat and Periscope are making their rounds through social media chatter. With this, businesses have an opening to cultivate an additional part of their audience and advance in the competition. However, the drawback to this is the unknown quantity for how long the novelty will last. For just as quick as garnering a new audience, will there be a different kind to ultimately appeal to. 


One thing for sure when it comes to mobile streaming is that you can always count on genuine content. This personalizes with others as it becomes relative and engaging. This is a way for businesses to “humanize” their brand to others.

The more that businesses adopt social advancements, the more they are broadening their scope for consumers, I’m talking millennials…lots of them.

The potential downside to this social method is the lack of structure and control. You can make sure to rehearse and carefully curate your words, but there is always a possibility of error. Another part of streaming will be the lack of control in comments that will be posted. Several users may take the driver’s seat of the conversation, but if you create a strategy ahead of time, you can be equipped to deal with any curve balls.

It’s Live and Can Sometimes be Unforgiving

There is always a bit of excitement when it comes to watching live events. It presents a way for an individual to be a part of the moment, even if he or she is physically absent from it. You also provide a sense of exclusivity to those who are making the time and commitment for tuning in to what you are advertising.

Organizations can see this as an incentive as they get to witness prospective consumers’ reactions to their brand. With the exchange of breaking news and exclusive content shared, this establishes trust and rapport between the business and customers from the start.

Downside? Technical difficulties are very much real and nowadays people are too impatient to wait. If there is a disruption in connection of any kind, this poses risk to lose potential customers as it could leave a bad taste in their mouth regarding your brand.

It Personal

With continued sophistication of digital devices, users are more and more in control and in constant communication with what you have to say. There is an intimate connection made between you and your consumers which is why it is always important to respect that connection.

Be sure to ask yourself these questions before you implement social streaming towards your marketing strategy.

  • Do we have an appointed brand ambassador that will effectively and most adequately represent our product during a live situation?
  • Do we have appropriate content to submit to a live feed and that will likely resonate with prospective consumers?
  • Will this maximize our social media efforts and how will we measure its efficiency? 

With these things in mind, it can help you figure out if you are ready to take the plunge in social media streaming!