10 Ways Google Ads Can Impact Your Online Marketing

Let’s be honest, simply having a business website isn’t going to be enough to keep up with the competitive business industry anymore. While pointing a client to a website is certainly better than not having one at all, today’s markets require technical know-how of digital marketing strategies such as content and copywriting. Speaking of which, if a business could only choose one of these strategies to work with, that strategy should be running Google Ads. Google Ads has proven to be one of the most effective strategies for businesses due to their cost-effectiveness and high returns. As for what it is exactly, it is a paid form of advertising that allows a business to conveniently place themselves in an online position to receive clicks. The idea behind this paid strategy is to convert a client through the clicks from the web pages they point them to.
As great as this sounds, many business owners still choose to avoid using this digital marketing strategy due to the technicality and complexity of it. While it can be quite difficult to learn how to implement effectively, this is where the power of an online marketing company comes into play. Overall, a proven online marketing company can help a business get the most out of their marketing budget without wasting any money. As we can imagine, this is just one of the many benefits a business gets with using google ads and working with an agency. To get an idea of some of the more direct benefits of doing so, here are ten ways Google Ads can impact your online marketing.
#1: Contributes to Increased Business/Brand Awareness
Besides using it to convert clients for profit, Google Ads can also be used to bring awareness to a business. More specifically, it can draw attention to your business brand that can make it stand out within your niche. This feature is extremely beneficial for new businesses as they don’t yet have as good of a reputation as other established competitors. Also, don’t forget that this can be done with a budget as small as five dollars a day.
#2: It Can be Used to Casually Influence Potential Buyers
One of the most difficult things to accomplish in marketing and sales is trying to convince a potential buyer without coming off as too pushy. As a way to avoid that, most businesses also make the mistake of not being convincing enough and let a potential client slip away. That said, Google Ads can be structured with a convincing and compelling ad copy to make a sales pitch come off naturally.
#3: It Can Be Tested & Improved As Many Times As Possible
Another hurdle that is found with traditional marketing methods is that testing them can be rather costly and inconvenient. In many cases, some businesses set up an initial marketing budget just to test the market. As we can imagine, these challenges aren’t found using Google Ads. With a strategy known as A/B split testing, marketers can test and measure ads as many times as possible within their budget constraints.
#4: This Allows for More Direct & Specific Marketing
Apart from testing ads, Google Ads also allows marketers to create and send more direct and specific marketing ads. This can be done by creating location-specific ads, client demographic-specific ads, and other similar ads in between. In the grand span of things, this helps a business save tons of money from not wasting money on irrelevant ads within their niche.
#5: It Can Be Left On An Efficient Automated Schedule
Another marketing advantage that Google Ads has over traditional marketing methods is that it can be left on auto-pilot. Even better, it can be set to run on an efficient automated schedule according to the specifications and requirements a business has. This allows a business to focus its attention on other areas of their business that might be lacking.
#6: It Allows for Remarketing to Missed Marketed Clients
Online marketing can be broken down into two main goals. The first goal, as mentioned before, is to convert clients from clicks. Apart from that, the second goal is to convert clients that your ads missed converting within the marketing funnel. This strategy is known as remarketing. What makes it interesting is that it can be used according to specific client data and information to further increase the chances of regaining that missed client.
#7: It Has Faster Marketing Results Than Other Strategies
Yet another benefit that makes Google Ads unique when compared to other marketing strategies is that it produces faster results. This mostly stems from the fact that marketing ads can be directly implemented online as soon as a marketing budget is established. With other strategies such as SEO, getting results can take as long as a few months with proper optimization. The disadvantage to other strategies like SEO is that it makes measuring performance difficult due to time constraints.
#8: It Has Shown To Convert At Higher Rates Than Other Strategies
As far as the main goal that Google Ads is used for, there is simply no other digital marketing strategy that can convert clients as efficiently and effectively as Google Ads. The reason for this is that Google Ads gives more control as to when and where a marketer can direct their marketing efforts. For most businesses, having this control makes Google Ads easy to work with as they can use it under their schedules without any hassle.
#9: It Works Well With Other Marketing Strategies
Having described how effective Google Ads is by itself, another way it impacts your online marketing is when it is used with other marketing strategies. Some would argue that it is more effective when combined with other strategies because it contributes to the value of the ad. As for which strategy works best with Google Ads, that answer will only come through testing them. Different strategies have been shown to work better than others due to factors such as business size and marketing budget.
#10: It’s Scalable For A Business
Last but not least, perhaps the best way Google Ads can impact your online marketing is with the fact that it is scalable. In other words, it allows a business to grow at their own pace without changing the way the strategy works. To give some perspective as to how powerful this is, the Google Ads strategies used by large corporations are the same ones that a small mom and pop business can use.