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NOVA Advertising Online Reputation Management is all about saving and protecting your reputation on the internet. We are web strategists, we build websites, figure out effective strategies and tactics to get them promoted, and develop sustainable social media plans for businesses. This work, and specific research in cyber security, has develop a strong core competency at NOVA in Online Reputation Management for people and businesses alike. We have also developed our own proprietary online reviews platform to help businesses get more reviews and feedback from their clients and monitor their activities. For more information about our platform watch our video and visit

We Hear You OnlineAre you struggling with getting good reviews for your products or services even though all your customers leave happy? You are not alone. We have come up with a solution to help your business flourish.

We Hear You Online provides you with a platform to do these 5 very important things:

  1. Get the feedback you deserve and tell the world.
  2. Display the feedback on your social media and website so potential customers can find you.
  3. Retain the customers you have by giving them rewards for their loyalty.
  4. Gain new clientele and store information for future use.
  5. Create and use this new channel of communication to get your business

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online reputation management

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