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Medical Marketing Solutions

An Online Marketing Company with Proven Results.

NOVA MedMarket offers exceptional marketing solutions for private practice healthcare professionals that enable them to realize their full potential and to empower them to compete against large medical groups and hospitals. For over 10 years we’ve done just that by continually staying ahead of the curve in marketing and technology. We believe every practice should have a high quality website that conveys a sense of professionalism and can be utilized as a great resource of information and communication for new and existing patients as well as referring doctors.

In today’s ever evolving high tech world, patients expect to find their healthcare providers on the internet. In many cases your website will be the practice’s first impression by patients and as you know perception is reality; not having a website can imply a lack of professionalism!

Below is a number of ways we can provide real marketing value to your practice:

New Patients:

Find you: If you don’t even show up on the first page of Google when someone is looking for your services (i.e. urologist in oklahoma city) you are leaving a lot of money on the table – We can get you there and we can prove it!

Learn about you: Once a prospective patient finds you, they need to learn about the practice and why they should choose you as their healthcare provider. The website should showcase the competitive advantages, services provided, and doctor bios to the users effectively. They also want to know which insurance plans you accept, find out where you are located and get driving directions, learn how to contact you, download new patient forms or register online and to learn about the services that the practice offers.

Existing Patients:

Improve patient communications: With the emergence of electronic medical records and new ways of communicating via internet, patients can have the ability to access their medical records, make appointments, and even update their information online. By integrating the practice website with the patient portal you give your patients this convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and make major improvements in patient communications and daily front desk operations.

Retain your existing patients: It’s important to keep your patients happy as they are the ones that can become the practice’s biggest advocates or worst critics! It’s important to have a positive online reputation as that’s the number one decision making factor for prospective patients for choosing one practice over another. We create various channels through open and honest communications to help you with creating a positive image and spread word of mouth marketing through social media strategy.

Referring Doctors:

If you are a specialist doctor, your practice depends on referrals from other doctors and it’s imperative that you have a plan in place to create and nurture these important relationships and streamline the referral process. Through our Referral Generation Program, we create and nurture these critical relationships for you. NOVA’s referral generation process is based on a three-phased approach: Analysis, Implementation, Refine & Repeat


Our consultant begins by learning about your practice through a short series of conversations with key staff members – this brings about a solid base of understanding as we begin to live and breathe your business. Throughout the analysis phase our central goal is to understand your practice’s philosophy, mission, revenue goals and your history of successes and failures. By the end of this phase, which last about one week, we are ready to apply our industry experience and start driving success to your practice.


We then proceed to establish a marketing foundation for your practice. With our marketing foundation in place, your exclusive NOVA Medical consultant launches your custom-tailored referral generation program.

Refine & Repeat

This is our favorite phase, because we get to review our program’s performance. Websites can include a confidential surveys and referral forms where referring doctors can give you feedback about their experience. Your referring doctor offices will appreciate the convenience and your interest in obtaining their feedback.

Your Support Staff:

The front office will save time by allowing patients to get information online and make requests needed without having to contact the office directly. It creates a convenience for them and time savings for your staff.