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Arlington Neighborhood Village


NOVA Advertising is pleased to submit this website redesign proposal to Arlington Neighborhood Village (ANV). Our team welcomes this opportunity to work with ANV on this project.

ANV is looking to update the current website (www.arlnvil.org) with a refreshed design and structure that will improve organization and provide audiences with user-friendly website navigation to help guide them to their desired destinations. The updated website must provide information efficiently to the public, serve prospective ANV families, current ANV members, current and prospective ANV donors, and current and prospective ANV volunteers.

We’ll be utilizing WordPress content management system that will have the ability to be easily updated and maintained by ANV volunteers and staff. Initial training and launch support will be provided.

NOVA Advertising believes that our team of skilled professionals are qualified to complete this project by providing ANV with a comprehensive website redesign. Our key objectives for this project include the following:

  • Rearrange the sitemap to create a more user-friendly experience
  • Integrate interactive functionalities for a modern feel while maintaining ease of navigation
  • Easy to use and maintain custom content management system
  • Video and other interactive elements integration
  • Dynamic calendar of events
  • Ability to make online donations, and membership dues
  • Social media integration
  • Search functionality
  • Highly readable font, font color and background with font size adjustment capability
  • SEO Setup
  • Mobile/tablet responsive
  • Testimonials widget
  • Volunteer (Application form— with demonstrated either full integration to existing capability using an output from a Word Press form to ANV’s management system; or develop and test an equivalent process)
  • ADA Compliance

Informational Site to Educate:

  • The public about ANV and its mission
  • Prospective members and their families
  • Prospective volunteers
  • Existing members and volunteers
  • Potential individual, business and non-profit donors.

Transactional Site:

  • Allow financial transactions — donations and membership fees.
  • Volunteer application submission (currently a web form and converted into specific format able to update ANV’s management system)
  • Member application submission (currently web form).
  • ANV Calendar of Events used by members and volunteers, and to a lesser extent by the general public for activities open to all.

Our website redesign proposal outlines our capabilities, past projects, process, timeline, and other pertinent information for the Institute’s consideration.

Fred Ostovar, is the designated point of contact for all communications regarding this proposal. Please feel free to contact him at 571-247-3114, or via email at fred@novaadvertising.com.

About NOVA Advertising

We are a team of dedicated professionals that provide strategic advice and serve as Creative Directors on projects that appeal to their respective and unique interests. NOVA Advertising develops successful long-term relationships with our clients and ensures that the quality and quantity of work we provide is fully maintained. Our work is completed based on our clients’ goals and by focusing on communication, client education, responsive customer service, punctual project management, high-quality work, and ethical business practices.

From graphic designers and web developers, to marketing consultants and content developers, we are supported by a group of talented and successful creative professionals that have become experts in their fields. In addition to our full-time staff, we have the honor of having medical doctors on our advisory board that offers proactive advice that helps us better serve our client base.


When undertaking a website redesign project, our goal is to develop a visually stunning design with practical and dynamic functionality. We have chosen five different past projects that best exemplify our work. These projects have all been completed on time and within the client’s budget.

McLean Community Village Association
nonprofit website developmment
Arts Fairfax
non profit web design
Allergy Partners
macbook mockup
The Eichholz Law Firm
macbook mockup pro
Broughton Partners
macbook mockup
OLV School
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Mission, Objectives, & Audience

This project’s mission consists of the ideas and goals ANV has for the website and the Institution as a whole. In this beginning stage of the process, NOVA Advertising works with the ANV key staff to determine the website’s exact objectives and how they believe the updated website should function. Our team will provide you with various design and functionality options. The information we collect from our initial meetings will dictate the choices and recommendations we make in developing the website and content.

Project and Relationship Management

When beginning this project, we will establish a documented set of policies, processes, and procedures. A designated project manager will be assigned to this project and act as your primary point of contact. Your project manager will oversee the entire website redesign process to provide quality assurance and ensure timely completion.

NOVA Advertising will use a comprehensive list of action items, checklists, and procedures uniquely tailored to your project. Our approach also includes constant communication between team members to encourage effective collaboration.

Functionality and Requirements

Home Page

This page will be the first impression for a visitor and acts as a starting point for exploring the website. A website’s homepage houses brand identity, and ANV’s brand will be seamlessly communicated on the new homepage. The updated homepage will not only have an aesthetically pleasing design and effectively integrate a new content strategy, but it will also provide visitors with easy access to the information they are looking for.

Flexible Page Templates

Our web design team will create and implement responsive design options that will work with various formats such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops. The templates we build will have options for different column settings, content scheduling, page previews, and display settings (image, video, audio, etc.). All page templates will be fully accessible and adhere to website standards, including web content accessibility guidelines.

News Page

Visitors to your website will want to know the latest developments in the community, and they will want to find specific news easily. Your team already does a great job of providing high-quality news updates on the website, and a new sleek page design will certainly make them even better. We will design a news page that puts all written content into a flawless format that is pleasing to view and provides readers with all the information they seek. Any type of digital content such as images or videos, will be compatible with the updated “News Page” to increase clicks and pageviews.

Widget or Component Options

The updated website will provide additions of and improvements for the following:

  • Headers and footers
  • Content tags and site search
  • Menu navigation
  • Content bars, text callouts, and photo overlays
  • Image galleries, slideshows, and light boxes
  • Call-to-Actions, promotions, and buttons
  • Banners, billboards, and cards
  • Interactive and dynamic elements
Events Calendar Integration

There is currently an Events plugin on the website which is not ideal and needs to be improved upon. NOVA Advertising will select and integrate an improved and more easy to use plugin for your new website to handle event management.

Alerts and Emergency Page

Emergency website alerts are now critical for organizations due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic. Your updated website will have the ability to display emergency banners and alerts for your online visitors. Any urgent updates to information on the site will be immediately taken care of by our web team.

Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics Integration

Google Tag Manager (GTM) will facilitate Google Analytics integrations. GTM will shuttle information from the CMS using a data layer, or javascript variable, to pass information such as the content published, last modified dates, author, and tag information to Google Analytics.

Ease of Use for Admin Interface

Regardless of the CMS, we will provide a simple admin interface for all content writers to ensure that new information can be added to the website without any major issues.


Our team will create a text-based sitemap for the new website and review it with your team. Once the text-based sitemap is approved, we will provide you with a graphic mockup of the sitemap.


NOVA will perform an extended list of SEO items based on best practices set forth by search engines such as Google prior to the launch of the website in order to ensure the site is ready to get optimized once it goes live.


Website Architecture

Your new website’s structure should mainly focus on providing a great experience to your visitors and to enable search engine crawlers to properly crawl your site for faster indexing (to rank in search engines such as Google). NOVA Advertising will work with ANV to determine how information should be organized to create the optimal website structure that will best fit the organization’s priorities. This process will include a website wireframe and a graphic mockup of the sitemap.


A uniquely designed website will provide your online visitors with an experience that will keep them scrolling, clicking, and returning for more information. Our website personalization services include custom graphics and templates that are created by our creative design team.


Adding more images and videos to your new website will provide depth and context to important information about your non-profit. NOVA Advertising has an existing library of visual assets that can be used for the website and the visual design.



At this step, we start creating the website itself. Graphic elements that have been designed during the previous stages should be used to create an actual website. The homepage is created first, and then all sub-pages are added, according to the website hierarchy that was previously created in the form of a sitemap.

Setup and Configuration of CMS

Once the website is coded, we install and integrate it with a content management system to make it easy to update and manage.

Configuration of Custom Components

At this stage, we develop the custom functionalities of the new website. These integrations include interactive contact forms, event calendars, blogs, and more.

Integration with Google Analytics

We integrate the website with existing or new Google analytics. This integration allows our team to track all user activity and monitor or forecast website traffic and engagement and other important KPIs.

Integration with Google and Bing Search Console

Google Search Console will be integrated to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google and Bing search results.

Speed Testing

Our web team will evaluate, run diagnostics, and troubleshoot load speeds and performance optimization to ensure optimal website performance.

Testing and Quality Assurance on Browsers and Devices

We will also compare and analyze the behavior of your website in different browser environments and devices. Testing such as this helps ensure that your website delivers the best user experience, independent of the browser or device used.

Usability and Navigation Testing

We perform various user testing scenarios to analyze how users navigate through the new website, given a specific task or goal.


Website Migration

In this step, we go from a staging site to a live site, and the new website replaces the old one in a live environment.

Content Entry

Manual entry of all the content for the pages on the sitemap and completion of all secondary pages setup

Detailed Analysis of Content and SEO-Based Suggestions

We will perform a full SEO audit and complete the SEO checklist for the new website. This includes, but is not limited, to 301 redirects, creating custom meta titles and descriptions, content-based suggestions, and troubleshooting any other SEO related issues.

Quality Control Performance Tuning and Load Testing

As your new website goes live, our team will perform ongoing monitoring of the new environment.

Security Checklist

This step consists of a comprehensive security checklist and diagnostics. We will fully secure the content management system and install an SSL security certificate and integration of malware monitoring systems.

Client Training

To provide you with more control over your website, we offer optional online training and screencasts of the content management system’s backend and functionality.

Post-Launch Support

After your new website has launched, we will provide full technical support for a period of 90 days. NOVA also provides full website hosting and maintenance plan which includes minor updates/edits, security, daily backups, & technical troubleshooting. This is an optional plan after the initial 90 day period which can be offered for $75/mo.

Timelines & Budget

Estimated Timelines

Currently our turnaround time for the complete process of custom website design and development is between 6-8 weeks. The estimated timelines depend on the timely cooperation and feedback from the client.


Custom Website Design/Development: $4000/ one time fee

Monthly Website Maintenance (optional): $75/month

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any additional inquiries. You can submit your questions below or by calling (703) 855-9641.